Spring germinated in the Ariege: just like that. The rain stopped, the sun woke up and it was a kiss goodbye to hibernation.  Everyday is a ray of sunshine and warmth. And these photos I took in the chateau cellar are proof. They look photoshopped-enhanced but are the real deal. I went exploring into the deep depths underground and found this wonderful prism of light emitting from the cellar window. 


And the whole region is suddenly a burst with blossom. Snow is still covering the mountain peaks providing ample opportunity for skiing. The past three weeks have been school holidays, and each of the three zones in France has a week, on rotation, to ski in the Pyrenees. So it has been flat out here. Every man, woman, child and dog! The local village has transformed from sleepy town status to hot spot. Every restaurant and cafe is'complet'. Can't even buy a baguette!

The consolidation of the chateau continues to progress. I have explored nearly every nook and cranny. And true to form, it has unveiled itself with more surprises and intricate detail. Painted beams and flooring, large open attic spaces, windows with wrought iron detail and decorative fireplaces are a delight to discover. 

The large hole in the ground is yet to be fully excavated and looking forward to sharing 'anything of interest' with you soon, a bientot!