On This Adventure Together

If ever there were written words, that made the most sense of this whole adventure, then these would be it - 

"It's impossible," said pride.

"Its risky," said experience.

"Its pointless," said reason.

 "Give it a try," whispered the heart.

(author unknown)


My dear friend sent me this, and it felt just like the perfect fit to explain why we ended up with a derelict, abandoned chateau in the south of France. Naturally, impossible at times, with sleepless nights and scary moments...

 ...risky business for sure (somehow we missed the movie 'Money Pit'), and completely illogical. But in 2011, we drove into a petit village, the GPS gently guiding us to our destination, and all of a sudden we looked up and couldn't believe our eyes. The chateau had found us!  We drove to the front gates and remember thinking,  "Is this for real?"


 And just like that, the idea of a small, rustic, renovated, rural farmhouse that we originally set out to buy, flew out the window, along with 'impossible', 'experience' and 'reason', into a land faraway.

wo years, and reels of red tape later, we took ownership. And despite delays, stumbles and fumbles, it has never felt pointless - the joy is immeasurable. 

I am sure you feel it too; with your words of encouragement, interest, and genuine thanks for mending this historical chateau.

"It has a heart, a soul and a presence even in its current state. This is a dream that has reached out and moved many many people"

"There is magic in the air"

"You are not on this journey alone"

"My greatest admiration for love of beauty against money...romance will never die with people of a great heart."

Clearly this isn't about logic and reason. It's about a whispering heart, wishful for us to give it a try.

Already beyond our wildest dreams - we are on this adventure together.

A bientot!

Chateau de Gudanes 


 Photos: Chateau de Gudanes and courtesy of Carla Loves Photography at http://carlacoulson.com