December Update

The past weeks have been a joy, not just the spirit of  Christmas approaching, with snow covered fir trees,  noël village markets,  magical window displays but also the good cheer and progress at the chateau.

And the big news is - we have lights. After 30 years of being in darkness the chateau has powered up.


Today I was driving down from the summit of Plateau de Beille at dusk and as I approached the driveway for a quick glimpse I noticed a light shining bright. I couldn't believe it. I'm wondering what the locals think!

Electricity hasn't been switched on since the chateau hosted school vacation camps between 1960 and 1980.

The builder and his 12 hour a day team were still working hard. Earlier in the morning, massive, heavy solid beams were carefully hauled from high ceilings. Some can be retained using metal sleeves to anchor into thick stone walls.  And those no longer able to do their supporting job will be used perhaps as bathroom benches or even in the kitchen as chopping boards.  

I'm forever scrounging and looking for anything of interest to recycle. I can't help it.