A Beautiful Love Story

Once Upon A Time,  Château de Gudanes was built with the all wonders of love - passion, nurture and commitment.  Secret ingredients sprinkled and mixed into its foundations providing the base for  life's greatest blessing - love.

Love stories have filled the Château for centuries. From families seeking refuge in wartime, huddled and hidden within its walls, to the music played in the grand salons bringing harmony. 

Love was almost lost when the Château was left to ruin. But like true love, there is nothing it cannot face and in this fairytale - a true love story never ends.  

"I love you for all that you are,
all that you have been,
and all you are yet to be."


This weekend the Château fell under the spell of a beautiful love story...

Damien and Jacqueline declared their love for each other in a simple manner at the Château. A few months ago they asked to be married in the Château parc. Damien had visited the Château when he was young, having grown up in a nearby Village, and had his dream of marrying his princess here one day.

Today's moments are tomorrow's memories.

A bientôt

Château de Gudanes