October Start Date

A few nights ago we enjoyed the satisfaction of discussing the start date for the restoration. The conversation was tres interessant; an all in French Skype conference with our architect, builder, and project manager on one side of the world, and 'me' slouching on the couch in my Peter Alexander's, with my husband in his favourite worn out airlines pj's (both of us trying to not accidentally push the live video call button!). Definitely not chic at midnight Perth time. 

Finally we are no longer gongoozlers. Issued with an official letter from the Historic Monuments we firmly have the green light. It is reassuring to receive this written confirmation. Placed on the fridge in view - read like a needy affirmation - daily with intent.


So the start date is the first week of October. After waiting for almost twelve months, our Spanish builder has agreed to swiftly charge into the renovation arena and commence our 'country chateau rescue'. 

Oh, if you would like to view some Chateau de Gudanes video footage I took last visit, here is the link http://youtu.be/_gieQh0oPd0