Friday the 13th Fantastic News?

I hope you are sitting down to read this!

Yes we have the building permit. 

And Friday the 13th didn't take the edge off my joy this morning. As I checked my inbox and scrolled down and saw the long awaited email, it was only a split second I felt any superstition. Supposedly an unlucky day to begin a new project. But no one buys a run down uninhabitable chateau in Cathar Country, add a frustrating historical listing and then gives focus  to bad luck. I thought about it some more just incase and really it's one of those relative concepts. Trust me I have been to the torture museum in Carcassonne. All sorts of devices engineered to make sure some unfortunate Cathar person suffered more than just bad luck. In this museum the french show each piece even to the point where I could feel the chastity belt clasped tightly as I walked past the metal two holed cage. A husband made his  wife wear the harness when he took off on battle.  Oh and I should point out - this museum beats the Tower of London  Museum hands down. When England acknowledged the real torturous things that happened in history, one could see the devices jammed packed everywhere at the tower. Truly you were tripping over them and trying hard not to lose a body part on the tower tour. Last visit all I found was a sign stating that only 20 unfortunate Brits were tortured. Denial can be somewhat comforting at times.

By  the way  I didnt fail to notice that Friday the 13th eviction notice bad luck was thrust upon Kevin Rudd this morning (wondering if he has to turn off the gas and  leave the keys under the mat)?

Back to the permit. We are so happy but truly  grateful for everyone's input in preparing all the paperwork, lodgement to all the french authorities and follow up. And humbled by the support we have been shown so warmly by people we know well and others we have never met.

The project began in July 2011 and now we can finally begin to make real progress. Champagne has been nervously waiting on ice for some time.  But I'm afraid the celebration will have to wait a few more days. A serious bout of laryngitis/tonsillitis caught me this week. Completely out of action for 4 days - that was some bad luck! 

Looking forward to sharing the plans and start date.