2014: We Are Ready

Work has recommenced at the chateau this week.

Look forward to sharing the progress, process and hopefully not too much panic, renovating a property in France. And here is a New Years January To Do List for starters:

  1. Apply for grant from Historic Monuments. 
  2. Apply for french bank loan - becoming urgent, nothing more needed to be said!
  3. Complete electricity/plumbing/infloor heating plan. 
  4. Finish dossier for funding from  Chamber of Commerce in Foix.
  5. Decide on lengths of wood to be milled collected from chateau parc.
  6. Sort out my photos, I need Lightroom asap.
  7. Book airfare and rental car.
  8. Buy some Australian paraphenalia to take with me next trip - the French love boomerangs, koalas t-towels, rugby caps and stuffed toy kangaroos...
  9. Send a thank-you to Janine, editor of The Good Life France for writing article and genuine encouragement.
  10. And a thank-you to Carla Loves Photography for kindly photographing the chateau before the restoration.